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Haas School of Business

In order to accommodate the new bi-coastal Haas School/Columbia joint MBA program, we were asked to design a media-rich distance learning classroom. The room accommodates over 75 executive students in tiered seating, including support spaces and equipment to facilitate live two-way instruction and communication with a remote site. The room also supports conferences and teaching opportunities with the school's affiliates in the Pacific Rim and elsewhere.


Finishes in the room are designed to present the school in its best possible light, and a balance was sought between the high finish of corporate boardrooms familiar to the school's executive students, and a more lighthearted and adventurous direction in keeping with the building's overall design and the university setting.


Additionally, we designed the Haas School office remodel, which involved the reconfiguration of 10,000 sq. ft. of administrative space to make room for new offices and workstations.

Size                      Cost                      Completed

2,600 Sq. Ft.         $4.5 million          2002



Barber Award for Excellence in Millwork, 2003

Presentrations Magazine, Grand Prize for Best Room, 2004

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