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The founders of GORING & STRAJA ARCHITECTS set out in 1996 to build on our experience working together delivering projects of exceptional quality. We started our careers working for the late William Turnbull in San Francisco and from that grew our passions: creativity, rigor, sustainability, and a commitment to client and community participation. We have built our practice on this commitment to meaningful work and have been fortunate to be recognized in dozens of awards for design excellence. Our breadth of experience encompasses institutional, commercial, residential, and hospitality facilities.

Whether in projects for large groups or a single client, Goring & Straja believe that a successful project arises from actively engaging with our clients and their communities. Architecture at its best touches the way we live, and we consider it a privilege to collaborate with our clients on projects that transcend the specifics of their construction. We seek to develop a world practice with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Milan, Italy.

  • Sustainability

We seek to be as sustainable as possible in all of our work, and view this as foundational as making sure the facility stands up to gravity, meets our clients needs, and can be created in a realistically economical fashion.  Treading lightly on the earth is not a feature added as an option.

  • Design Excellence

Many of our clients fund their projects through private giving.  A compelling project vision that moves people’s imaginations and hearts can assist the momentum necessary for this to succeed. We strive for character that reflects the values and goals of the institution, addresses local planning, and neighborhood concerns, invigorates the larger community, and brings a smile to all who pass by.

In short, we seek with our partners and clients to meet our mission statement to  have fun, do good work, and stay in business.


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