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JOB TITLE: Architectural Designer


JOB DESCRIPTION: Under the supervision of a licensed architect:

- Develop ideas as a part of the team that are project-appropriate. Prepare program and schematic proposal. Create vignettes and hand sketches of architectural ideas that work in the space and meet intended design goals. Develop designs in 3D using modeling software.

- Understand client’s needs and produce concept boards of images for feedback and approval. Prepare finish material sample boards, physical models and photo-realistic renderings for presentations.

- Determine applicable codes and Agencies Having Jurisdiction over the project. Review and research building codes and revise design as necessary to assure compliance with legal

standards. Communicate major conflicts to the attention of team and client, and coordinate revisions with the technical team.

- Develop construction documents that accurately describe the design and fully describe all elements, details and materials. Review documents and coordinate with structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other consultants as necessary. Provide direction to consultants for required revisions in their work. Perform red line markups and pickups of delegated work and/or complete packages of deliverables.

- Assist in the Construction Administration phase by reviewing shop drawings, keeping track of submittals and RFIs, and answering contractor’s questions regarding the construction documents with appropriate consultant input as required.

- Work on any/all phases of development including Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction Administration. Work on high-level tasks and deliverables for multiple projects simultaneously

- Report to Project Manager on tasks and deliverables and work directly with him/her to ensure the facilitation of a project’s completion on-time, on budget, and meeting quality standards

JOB REQUIREMENT: Master of Architecture required. Must have advanced knowledge (gained from academic coursework, research project, teaching assistantship, or practical training through internship or co-op) of:

• applying generative design, analysis and optimization techniques, to propose new approaches to the design of spaces of work;

• developing and analysis of basic folding mechanisms; creating bent and folded structures in architectural design;

• developing design schemes through hands-on physical model, digital simulation and digital fabrication;

• application of the declarative design method, enabling the manual or automatic exploration of potential implementation tradeoffs in architectural design.

• creating design strategies to address energy and material consumption issue and to reduce environmental impacts of modern building construction and material.

Must also have advanced knowledge in archicad, autocad, google sketchup, maya and rhinoceros, adobe photoshop, indesign, illustrator and acrobat; in addition, 2d and 3d architectural design presentation.

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