This state-of-the-art STEM Innovation Center is a the three-story building engages the greater community by putting the STEM Community and hands-on learning on display. 

The STEM Innovation Center houses the Mathematical Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) Center, for students pursuing four-year degrees in those respective fields. Slide-fold doors open up expand the footprint of the MESA Center on the ground floor. The Math Multimedia Learning Center (MMLC) educates students in foundational mathematical concepts and is strategically located to be visible to all. The Engineering Laboratory and Engineering Yard provides students with hands-on opportunities to interact with real-world technology.

Faculty offices are located centrally on each floor of the building, visible from both the exterior and interior, and organized around STEM Lounges. Community Gathering Spaces adjacent to circulation corridors encourage student interaction and the L-Shape massing defines the STEM Courtyard which provides a protected outdoor area for students to collaborate or study. Each classroom is equipped with multiple projector and screen locations providing robust AV capability.

Size                         Cost                         Completed 

 56,000 Sq Ft           $33,362,653             2020