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Valley Christian Center

Valley Christian Center is located at the top of a hill in Dublin, CA, overlooking the Tri-Valley area. The campus includes a preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, athletics fields, and an active church. 


When the congregation outgrew their sanctuary, which doubled as a school assembly hall, they asked Goring & Straja to design a new cost-efficient worship space. Construction of the new sanctuary, and conversion of the former sanctuary into fellowship space and classrooms, was completed in 2011.


Our work with Valley Christian Center continues, as we develop a master plan that rearranges the campus to provide improved access to a new central plaza, amphitheater, and multipurpose athletics field, as well as the development of new academic and church-related facilities in future phases.


The driving force of the new master plan follows from the School’s desire to create a new Multi-purpose sports field and associated bleachers and support facilities where prior there had been an undeveloped field and surface parking.  The current field location - behind the high school - is at the saddle of the hill and regularly subject to gale force winds.

Size                          Completed

16,000 Sq. Ft.           2011 

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VCC view 3.jpg
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