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ValueAct Capital, one of the West Coast’s largest investment management firms, had outgrown their office space and was looking for a new environment that would facilitate the particular way they work. The firm is known for an investment strategy based on due diligence, research, and active involvement in value creation at their investments; however, they were occupying a split-level office suite that put physical and metaphorical barriers between their own team. To better facilitate their ideal work style, they were seeking a balance between a collaborative idea-sharing space, and a cloistered investment-sensitive environment. To address these needs, a new 30,000 square foot workplace for ValueAct was created that allows ideas to flow freely, or be completely contained at the discretion of the individual, supporting a palette of different working styles.

To achieve the desired balance, private offices along the perimeter are interspersed with open work areas, collaboration, and break out spaces. This organization is most apparent in the Investor Wing where generously sized offices have glass doors that close for complete acoustical privacy, or can be opened to allow for interaction with the larger space. Casual lounge areas were incorporated throughout the open office and administrative areas, and a relaxing loft serves as an amenity for the high-energy analysts that often work irregular hours. The expectations of partners and executive-level staff necessitated a personalized approach to the design of the private office interiors; however the transparent nature of the space required visual consistency among the office furnishings. A furniture program was developed that allowed for customizable features, such as standing height work surface and other ergonomic components, as well as a package of ancillary furnishings to choose from. Each person was able to choose components based on their specific work style, while preserving a consistent visual aesthetic throughout the space.

Size                         Cost                                                      Completed 

30,000 Sq. Ft.          Withheld at owner's request           2014

A Gould Evans project, Douglas Thornley Principal in Charge

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